What a day! I missed the connecting flight from Memphis to Orlando. I had to sit on the the airplane at Mobile airport for about an hour because they couldn’t figure out whey the number of boarding pass in the system weren’t match with the number of passengers on the airplane. I knew exactly what happened (at least from my acknowledgement)!  Right before boarding, I noticed that three guys standing a the counter in fron of then gate and asked for seats. Some how, the lady who took the boarding pass messed things up. Flight attendant also pointed that out (I over heard her because those guys sat right behind me).


But… captains didn’t want to take off until they talked to the lady at the gate. He wanted to make sure everything resolved correctly before taking off – I didn’t blame him for that. Anyhow, he could feel the frustration from passengers, so he said sorry and told that all the beverage including alcohols are FREE!! That’s very funny.. he said those booze would help us feel relax.. hahaha


And, now I’m in Memphis airport. I had to reroute all my connections. Delta representative asked me to choose between having connection at Atlanta or Dallas airport. I was hungry at that time, so all I thought of that moment was FOOD. I knew for sure there were ton of food at Atlanta. So, I chose to fly there. 


Then, I had a second thought while walking to the gate. I forgot that Atlanta airport is one of the busiest airport in the world. Of course there is higher chance that my flight might get delay (again). I have only 45 minute to catch another flight to Orlando. 


I just hope… hope and hope that everything will go smoothly from now on. I’m so exhausted already!




OMG! at the minute I finished typing the sentence above the line, Delta representative just announced that the flight will be delayed. If anyone had a connection in Atlanta, one needed to rebook flights. Me again!!


So, I’ve just re-booked my flights for the second time.  I’m still going to Atlanta and Atlanta to Olando. The delay on that previously booked flight was caused from mechanical problem.. brr..r.. I will not be comfortable to be on the plane that has mechanical problem anyway. As long as I can get to Orlando tonight, I’m OK with re-booking flights! Whewww…!


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