Whoo hoo.. I thought Comcast On Demand was an awesome feature to have, yet the On Demand Online is even HOTTER!!


What is Comcast? Comcast is one of the major company in the US that provides TV cable and cable Internet services. It’s like UBC in Thailand. “Video On Demand” is a free feature that allows subscribers to watch movies and shows on any package you pay. There are ton of HBO movies you can watch. You can watch anytime you want. It’s updated every Monday. The cable box acts like it were a video player. You can pause, stop, play, etc. How nice is that?


It will be available at no additional cost to existing subscribers and allow the authorization of up to 3 devices per household. Log in once from home to Comcast.net or Fancast.com, download the Move Networks powered player to authorize your PC and proceed to stream from the very healthy library of VOD, whether at home or anywhere else. This is so Comcastic!


Source: Endgadget


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