We cannot deny that the Cable/DSL Internet access has been already a part of our life. We cannot live with Dial-up speed Internet access anymore. People need high-speed Internet to download music, movies, and all kinds of media. The demand of high-speed Internet use has been growing every year. I guess that’s why many major entertaining business companies have been partnering with electrical business companies. They are offering a new means to delivery movies and shows to you. We don’t need TV cable services anymore, and they are NOT cheap at all.



This is good for consumers like us. Instead of paying $120 to get the TV cable services that you cannot pick out what you want to watch unless using the On Demand services, you could pay only $20 per months to download and watch whatever movies and shows you want. For example, Best Buy are planing to launch movie download services with Sonic. Sony’s Blu-Ray players and Play Station 3 will be able to download movies from NetFlix, an online rental movie web site.


This is another technology revolution that we have to keep an eye closely!


Source: Business Journal


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