I’ve been very active in Twitter lately. At the beginning I didn’t have many people to follow or people to follow me, so I didn’t care much about it hahaha. Now, I decide to jump in and give it a try. It isn’t bad at all. It was fun and interactive. There are more available tools out there to help you tweet easier. You can post images easily and fun.


What do I tweet about? I usually tweet about everything…whatever came to my mind or whatever I found it interesting and would like to share. Technology has advanced so quickly. Now, there are some application that integrate all Internet Social programs together. For example, I can update my status on Facebook and the application will update my status on Twitter also. How cool is that? Or, when I’m writing a blog, the application will let me choose if I want to update either Twitter or Facebook, or both. Things get easier for me to share or update information.


I can learn so many things or receive up-to-date information from Twitter. News can be spread out so quick on Twitter. Especially, when you can read or tweet from your BlackBerry. I use UberTwitter to receive and tweet from my BB, and use TweetDeck to use on desktop. Both software applications are awesome!


screen s hot of TweetDeck

Logo of UberTwitter


UberTwitter also provides you with some other cool features, such as location map displaying where you tweeted from, instantly displaying and image attached with a tweet message, etc. TweetDeck not only allows you to tweet directly from the application, but also integrates your Facebook account activities to the application. It makes a lot easy for you to manage all messages and activities from both Twitter and Facebook at the same time. You should give it a try!


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