I was so mad that I have pay $20 fee for overdue books from the library. Usually, I would get an email like a week prior to the due date, so I could do the renewal. Grrrr…rrr.. not this time! So, I called the library and complained about not getting the notify email like I normally get. She said I had to stop by the library and she might be able to bring the fine lower than $20.  We’ll see about that!!


At least, I still remember that I have to renew my books, but I couldn’t remember the due date.  I’m also glad that they don’t fine me per book per day.


Anyway… I found an useful article on Yahoo wrote by Dr. Mao who is a health expert. He gave out 4 tricks for less serious memory loss. He mentioned that aging causes neuron loss, which can impact your memory of recent events. Yep… I feel old already!


The 4 tricks are

1) Don’t forget to be aware – Basically, you need to pay attention to what you do. Become aware and be observant of everything. Wherever you put your keys, be aware of it. Be conscious of every little action that you do.


2) Organized in life, organized in mind – When you are organized in your house, you are organized in your mind. Designate a special area for all items. If you take the tool out of the toolbox, always put the tool back in the toolbox where it belongs. Choose a space where you will collect bills or checks — and put them in the same place every time. Having this organization will not only help you remember, it will save precious memory space for you to fill with more important things.


3) Seeing is remembering – Many people are visual and remember better with a visual reminder. If there are certain things that you need to work on, put the document out where you’re going to see it and remember to work on it. Or leave yourself a note on the breakfast table where you will be sure to see it. Keep what you need within your visual field and you won’t forget!


4) Herbal teas to remember: Many herbs and supplements have been researched and found to help improve your cognitive capabilities. Sit back and let these herbs keep your brain young and your memory sharp. These herbs are such as green tea and the leaf of the ginkgo tree.


Have you ever apply these tricks in your life before? If not, you better to start now!


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