Oh my god..look at this word “Magnetoencephalography.” I thought my last name was the longest word in the world, but NO! It’s incomparable!


I was reading an article about how games change your brain. One of the equipment that the researcher, Richard Heirs, was trying to conduct the experiment in the future was called, Magnetoencephalography or MEG. What a mouthful word! This equipment monitors the faint magnetic fields produced by the brain’s electrical activity. Haier thinks MEG scans could reveal how the parts of the brain that become more efficient interact with the parts that develop thicker tissue.


Anyway, the article mentioned about the previous research studies conducted back in 1992 by neuroscientist Haier at the University of California at Irvine, who looked at how frequent sessions with the Tetris video game changed the players’ brains. The “Tetris effect” illustrated how video-game training could make brains work more efficiently.



Yess..  Tetris is one of my favorite puzzle games of all time!


Source: MSNBC


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