The Star’s 5th year has been on air for a while, but I’ve never written a blog about it. The Star is like American Idol – a singing contest. The winner won by the number of votes through SMS.


I have been watching the concert every Saturday. I cannot believe that I really don’t have the most favorite one. Now, it came down to only three contestants who all are boys (Sing-To, Dew, and Fluke). Hmm… who will get the Star 5 title this year???


Sing-To (สิงโต)


Dew (ดิว)


Fluke (ฟลุ๊ค)


After watching the concert this week. I like Sing-To the most. I found him very corny, but I like that. I guess he is only 16 years old boy. That’s why he could do anything and still would be able to get away with that. It seemed like all the judges didn’t like Fluke and wanted him out. I didn’t think he did bad job at all. He’s the first one and I could see he was nerve wrecking. Although Dew’s singing was superb, I found his mini-concert missed something…..I was not sure what it was.


Anyway.. good luck to all contestants. They will become great singers and successful just like those former winners and top-two contestants.


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