During lunch break, I went in to the break room in my office where there was a flat LCD hanging on the wall. I saw an interesting news about the space shuttle.  The camera discovered a “bat” clinging on the foam of the external tank of the space shuttle moments before the launch. spacebat.jpg

I’m not sure how in the world NASA would see that??? The news reported that NASA officials had hoped the bat would fly away on its own. They, however, admitted that the bat probably would die during the ignition. Awww..www


In addition to this weird news, NASA brought this video clip to a wildlife expert and ask for opinion about it. The expert said it appeared to be  free-tailed bat that probably had a broken left wing and an injured right shoulder or wrist. OKKK? Awww poor bat… He’s just want a ride to the space.. that’s all! LOL


Source: Picture from BoingBoing and click here for the news


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