Ho Ho Ho… I did it!! I’m able to pull all the posts saved in the database back to normal stage. I had a problem with “permalink” issue. What’s permalink? Permalink, or permanent link, is a URL used to point to each individaul blog entry after I posted on the website. Normally, the URL is in somewhat ugly form with a bunch of numbers or text. With this permanlink technology, it allows the URL to become readable or easy to track each blog entry down.


So, my problem was I lost all those permalinks. You can visit my website on the front page, but not my archives. Thanks god I found the solution! I almost decided to start everything from the ground. Wheww..the solution is to go to the setting page (in WordPress Admin) and go to Permalink option page. Then, click save to relink everything back. It works!!


Anyhow.. do you miss me? miss my blog? If you do, then start to comment!! I dont’ bite!! LOL :mrgreen:


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