I’ve been training Enzo a new trick for a few days and now he is getting better. The trick is that when I say “Bang!” , he would lay down on the side and act as if somebody shot him down and he were dying… Ha Ha Ha.. Although it sounds brutal, it was pretty entertaining for me to watch LOL. Enzo does a very good job. It’s just a fun trick. It was hard for me to train him laying down on the side because Enzo can do roll over and he kept doing this roll over trick. However, Enzo made it through. He could lay down on the side and stay for three seconds.





And, for me, the cutest thing  for Enzo to do is to make his own bed when he’s going to sleep. While I’m working on my desk, he will cover his body with his two blankets, poke his head out, and watch me.


For real… he always makes his own bed. Two blankets are not even on top each other at first. Sometimes he even moved the whole seat down and dragged it to somewhere else in the living room.  He’s little crazy, isn’t he?


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