As you know, we have a guest, Bobo, to stay with us during the Christmas Holidays. We are so happy to spend incredible time with him. He’s such a sweet dog. He looks like a cute puppy to everyone.

Today, we also have a new family Amigurumi member to welcome. His name is Ben-Zo. He is well known as a Sleepy Cat – Amineko. Everyone who loves Amigurumi should know Amineko. Google it, if you don’t!

His main responsibility in the house is to entertain our guest, Bobo. He will keep Bobo company, sleep next to him, play with him, and put him to bed. So far, he did pretty well. Everybody… please welcome our “BenZo”…

He looks a bit tough, huh?

He’s rubbing Bobo’s tummy

He lets Bobo sleep on his arm.

He makes himself a side pillow just for Bobo.

My favorite picture – Three boys, three corners!

He also makes sure Enzo is sleeping well.


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