“Origami all begins when we put a hand on the move. There is a big difference between understanding something through the mind and know the same thing through touch”

– Tomoko Fuse

Tomoko Fuse is a Japanese Origami expert/artist/writer who wrote several books on modular origami. She is also referred as an expert on this type of origami. She has designed so many boxes, containers, Kusudama, paper toys, etc. She’s one my favorite Origami writer. Her diagrams are so brilliant!

I totally agree with her quote about the difference between thinking through origami diagrams in your head and doing actual folding with your hands. Sometimes when you watch the instruction video from the Internet or read the instruction or diagrams from the book, you would think “Oh.. I can do this”, “That’s easy”, “Umm I get this”, etc. However, when you put your hands on paper and start to fold, you would find so many confusion, folding problems, and mistakes. Likewise, some finished origami looks so complicated that you would think you will never be able to do it in a million year. However, once you challenge yourself and start to read the diagram, often you will find that it is not as bad as you have in mind at first.

This demonstrates that thinking quietly in your mind or analyzing things in your head sometimes is not enough. You would only experience the process, see the consequences, and expose yourself to the unknown from doing it. You would surprisingly appreciate the feeling of “I DID IT!” moment.

So.. yeah.. like Nike’s slogan.. “Just Do It.”

  1. October 10, 2009

    I have enjoyed the Unit Origami book for ten years. This book is amazing!


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