I had watched Elizabeth movie 10 years ago (1998). I fell in love with the movie back then, but I did not expect to feel the same way with its sequel, Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007). So, I didn’t make an attempt to see it in the movie theater until this weekend.

I started to watch the movie at the middle. At first, I thought to myself that I would watch it only a couple minute. But, then I realized that the movie was too good to change the channel … hahaha. I watched it through the end. Plus, I waited for the re-run on the Pacific time zone, so I could catch the beginning part.

This sequel is as good as the prequel!! It focuses on the part that Spanish tried to invade England. Cate Blanchett is so beautiful and perfect for the role. She didn’t look older from the prequel in 1998 at all…. unbelievable!

For those who like watch based-on historic movies, you cannot miss this movie. You don’t need to watch its prequel, but very recommended.


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