According to Wikipedia, Kusudama, a Japanese word, is a paper model that is usually created by connecting multiple identical pyramidal units (folding each square paper) together through their points to form a spherical shape. Another word, Kusudama is modular origami!

I’m so interested in Kusudama that I have to try one. I got the instruction out of YouTube. I had to fold single units for 30 pieces. Folding one of each was not that bad, but putting them into a ball was a pain. Then, I had to plan out the colors and made sure that the final product would have good combination of colors.

Since this is my first Kusudama and I had limited color origami paper, it was not as pretty as I have wanted. Oh well.. at least I’ve completed the look. Some units are not as quite good looking as they should have been. I definitely need improvement. Can’t wait to start a new project!

It took me about three days to complete it. I did a few units at a time.


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