I believed that I never posted pictures of the red and white lilies blooming in my backyard. It happened like a few months ago. I went through My Pictures folder, and thought that I should share pictures of them. They are so surreal.. I mean I would never thought I would be able to have these kinds of flower in my garden. Well.. I’m not sure it is cheating or not because I didn’t plant them, but I did water them though 😆

White Lily

I learned in hard way that I shouldn’t have waited for fully blooming flowers and then cut them. I should have cut them right before they were about to bloom.  This way, the flowers will beautifully bloom in the vase! However, I was still managed to have them bloom successfully in my vase. I think I probably did not have a chance to take pictures of the red lilies… I cannot find any picture of them…too bad 🙁

  1. September 29, 2008

    สงสัย จะไม่ใช่ลิลลี่ นะเนี่ย เขามีชื่อว่า Crinum Stars and Strips
    Crinum ‘Stars and Stripes’

    The plant was created by Thad Howard, a cross between C. scabrum and C. erubescens. It has excellent deep red coloration on clear white petals. The flowers hold up under Texas heat and humidity; ‘Stars and Stripes’ blooms best in midsummer but does rebloom in fall. The flowers are held nearly 2 ft-tall on sturdy stems.


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