Fall season is coming…. I would say fall season is one of my favorite season because of cooling down weather, decreasing amount of rain, etc. And… you can start to wear layers with a blazer, a jacket, a cardigan, and a sweater. But especially this fall, you will see a lot of vests in men and women. Vests either with or without buttons are hot! I never own one before. Normally, I like casual or business casual, very laid-back style. But this fall, I would like to dress grown-up, preppy style. So, I definitely will get some vests. I have a lot of jackets and blazers. I just love to have them even though Mobile is not cold area, rather hot and humid HA HA HA! I know.. I’m crazy… LOL :mrgreen:

In this fall 2008 fashion, you will see a lot straight-leg pants or skinny jeans. In my opinion, three colors which never go wrong with the fall season are white, black, and gray. These colors will make you look sophisticated. So…come on… try to dress “preppy”!! It’s fun!!

So, for those guys who don’t have vest, it’s time for you to invest, own, and dress one! I think vests will make you look sharp, smart, and classic. It could be worn with cool graphic t-shirts, dress shirts, and jeans. How cool is that! I didn’t make up this sense of fashion. It’s really a trend! Lately, I have seen a lot of people wearing this kind of style. So… read this article or read how you can dress up with vest on A|X website


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