I guess this is the third time that the Bunny paid a visit and flirted with Enzo. She’s a sexy girl next door — just like the reality show, “Girls Next Door “, on the E! channel… ha ha ha

She was in my neighbor’s backyard (right next to my backyard) and having a dinner meal. She normally came in the evening. This time she was very friendly and flirty to us. She even push her face through our fence and blew a few KISSES…. Muah! Muah! šŸ˜³ HA HA HA!

Enzo and I didn’t scare her off a bit. Of course, we had to give her some tips (cabbage) so that she would danced (hopped) around and do a nice show for us. She hopped around and came to my front porch too as if she were on the front stage show or something. How neat was that!!

Kiss Kiss!

What do you think about Enzo’s new friend, Bunny Girl? Or, Do you like Ninja Turtle better?

Do you know why “Bunny” has been chosed to be Playboy’s mascot/icon? The answer is… bunnies represent flirty, and playful — just like the way she blew kisses to Enzo and I. I’m also used to heard that bunnies have sex a lot!! That might be another reason for being playboy’s mascot too!

However, for Thai people, a bunny represents someone who is easily get excited – reacting to somethingĀ  or a situation when not thinking thoroughly (umm NO…not easily get excited because getting aroused in the sexual way!!).


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