The other day Kris, my long-time friend, asked me if I’d ever heard about “Toy Watch.” Nope, I had no idea what it was. Kris just came back to the US from visiting his family and friends in Bangkok. He said Toy Watch is getting more popular. It was so expensive though it was made of plastic. He added that the Central Department stores have been selling Toy Watch for more than 10K Bahts. He saw these watches being sold in the US at the high-end department stores ranging between 150-300 dollars. At that moment, I felt like with that price per se, they shouldn’t have called it as “Toy” watch. Nevertheless, I love watches, so I can’t help myself but looking for more information about the Toy Watch.

The official ToyWatch Website

Toy Watch or ToyWatch is first introduced in the Fall 2006 by an Italian designer, Marco Mavilla, under the concept of luxurious looking watches with affordable price. Later, ToyWatch has been brought to the US by Randy Gordon, fine-watch collector.

When I saw those watches, I thought like Rolex/Tag Heuer meet Swatch/Casio. Ha Ha Ha…  Do you agree? A lot of ToyWatch’s collections are made of Acrylic (another word of PLASTIC) – the cheapest, but some are made of Plasteramic (Plastic + Ceramic) – more expensive, and Ceramic – the most expensive.

It becomes more popular in Hollywood as well. Madonna, Oprah, Ellen, and other celebrities own one or more!

Do I like any of them? — YES…I think some of them has cool looking, but it’s not like I have to have it NOW.

Am I going to buy one? — No.. for now… hahaha.. Maybe I’ll buy it later if it gets any cheaper, i.e. SALE!


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