One of our neighbor (in Bangkok) sent her daughter to Peking to study Chinese, and she asked my mom if she wanted to go with her. My mom has never visited Peking, so she decided to go. She just flew back home last night and she called me to let me know she safely arrived home. We did talked briefly about her trip.

I asked her about Peking…”what did it look like?”

She said.. “Oh My God… Peking is just another big city like Bangkok, New York, etc. There were a lot of skyscrapers, traffics, crowds, etc.”

“Did you go shopping a lot?”, I asked.

“Yes”, she replied. She added that everything was so cheap like you wouldn’t believe. She did briefly mentioned about “Russian Market.”

“Wait a minute… I thought you went to China.”, I asked.

“No… this Russian market is in Peking… I’m not sure why they called that”, she replied with laughs.

She bought several coats, jackets, pajamas, and couple Coach handbags. She said that Russian market was crazy. Once you got it, they would locked you down and wouldn’t let you go until you made a purchase.

I’m thinking in my head.. hmm.. that sounds like Russian (being locked down in the country — no offense.. you know what I mean? But, that’s just my thought).

Yabalu (Russian Market) :
The Russian Market is on the west wide of Ritan Park (Temple of the Sun Park). This is where you’ll find fur coats, clothing, hats, bras, toys, bathing suits, and more “stuff” than you can imagine — all destined for Russia in bulk quantities. –

She had a good time with bargaining the price. There was one shop that she bargained from 1,000 Chinese dollars down to only “3 Chinese dollars.” Yes.. that’s the correct number — it’s only one digit price! She was amazed that the lady would sell a nice coat for that price.

I’m glad that she had a good time. I’m sorry that she missed me and my sister since we hadn’t talked for 9 days. I missed her too! Now, Peking has just been added to my wish list. :mrgreen:

National Grand Theater, Peking


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