Have you ever heard this word “Fuzzy Logic”? Can you guess what it is?

I was shopping for a rice cooker and ran across to some of the rice cookers which mentioned to the new advanced fuzzy logic technology. A lot of reviews praised how good this technology was, but all of them fail to explain why and how it was great.

It doesn’t make sense to me when I saw the word “Fuzzy.” How can FUZZY technology help to cook rice? I really cannot think of any reason…. maybe that’s it. Logic has something to do with reasoning. Fuzzy Logic is meant to confuse me, right? Ha Ha Ha… 😯

zojirushi new rice cooker with fussy logic technology

Sanyo Rice Cook (This is what I'm getting)

So, I did some research about it. Fuzzy logic definition is somewhat I had in mind at first. Fuzzy means imprecise or uncertainty, and of course logic is reasoning and analytical process. According to WiKi, “Fuzzy logic is a form of multi-valued logic derived from fuzzy set theory to deal with reasoning that is approximate rather than precise.”

I used to think that sometimes things just weren’t black or white. One of the basic computer programming, for example, is If-else. If this happen, then do this. But in real world, several things can happen at the same time, and it would waste so much time just to do mutiple if-then-else to cover all the probability. I can see how the fussy logic comes to handy in this kind of situation.

Examples:(from Wiki)

Rules are usually expressed in the form:
IF variable IS set THEN action

For example, an extremely simple temperature regulator that uses a fan might look like this:
IF temperature IS very cold THEN stop fan
IF temperature IS cold THEN turn down fan
IF temperature IS normal THEN maintain level
IF temperature IS hot THEN speed up fan

Notice there is no “ELSE”. All of the rules are evaluated, because the temperature might be “cold” and “normal” at the same time to differing degrees.

Is it interesting??? Adding to that, I read some articles online, they mentioned that a lot of home appliances are using this technology to produce the best outcome and reducing the errors which can be caused by various factors.


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