I have been packing lunch to work for couple weeks now. I’m trying to control the portion of the meal. Often, when I go out to the restaurant, I would eat more than I need to. That’s not helpful at all when I’m watching my weight. The first week of lunch prepartion was OK. During the second week, I feel like this is getting bored. I’m sick of my lunch. I need to do something! Then, the word “Bento” came to my mind. That’s right! Bento would make my lunch more interesting. I not only love to eat, but also love to cook. I want to be creative in food preparation and presentation. So, I thought doing Bento might be fun.

Have you ever heard about Bento? You probably have seen this word in some Japanese restaurant’s menu. Food will come in a nice plastic lacquerware box with different compartnents inside. You will get all kind of side dishes, such as shrimp tempura, pickled vegetables, fried fish, etc.

By definition, Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese crusine. It’s common for Japanese to spend considerable time and energy to produce an appealing boxed lunch for loving ones.

I have some pictures below (from Flickr). When Japanese people want to do something appealing, they really make it happen. They are very creative and have all kinds of cool gadgets to make Bento.

bento example

Bento example 

Bento Example 

 Tools to makke Bento

I’ll make the first Bento and post the picture on here! If you have pictures of Bento, please share!


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