This morning Enzo wandered around the yard and he stopped at the storage. He kept barking and barking… I thought he found a snake or something. So, I carefully walked over there. It’s a turtle! He’s stunning – very cool looking, don’t you think? He acted like he wasn’t scared by Enzo a bit. I was still sleepy, so I brought Enzo inside and went back to sleep.

I completely forgot about him until I watered the plants and yard in the evening. He suddenly appeared again.. just like a ninja. He was walking toward me. I might disturb him somehow from watering the plants. I was like.. oooh I needed to feed him or something. I went back inside and got him a cabbage. It seemed like he was scared by me.. HaHaHa. He didnt’ take it, but he was still walking around nearby the fence. Instead, I took a few pictures of him because I thought he looked so cool and I would like to share those pictures on the blog.




NOTE: May be it’s not a turtle because the way he looks…I dont’ know.. hahaha

  1. June 2, 2008

    I just found out from my freind that this turtle is called “Box Turtle.”

    For more information

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