Welcome to my website. I intended to use this website to showcase my working experience and portfolio. I have many years of instructional design experience specializing in the analysis, design, development, and evaluation of training programs for government agencies, corporate organizations, and higher education institutions. I also remain on the cutting edge of emerging technologies, implementing pedagogy and instructional design theories to improve training, teaching, and learning processes.
Piti “Golf” Kanajanapongpaisal

Professional Experiences

Instructional Designer
Emphasize the use of a systematic approach to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate instructions. Promote Instructional Design and Quality Matter principles to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of courses, instructional programs, and eLearning projects. Incorporate learning theories through the adaptation of emerging technologies to enhance the learning process and promote lifelong learning experience. Provide practical solutions to enhance organization's performance. Select the image above to read more.
Project Manager
Successfully identify clients' needs and clearly define scope of project. Develop a project plan, timeline, and framework for a team to work together, including seamless processes and a communication system. Provide appropriate rapport, support, and resources to the team. Establish strong working relationship with all stakeholders through excellent customer services and communication and conflict management. Select the image above to read more.
Personalize and deliver instructions using effective instructional strategies to connect, engage, and motivate the learners to transfer skills and knowledge to real-world applications. Selected effective teaching and learning tools to support learning objectives, facilitate the learning process, as well as promote the learner-centered approach. Provide learners with timely feedback and consistent communication. Select the image above to read more.
Conduct presentations at national conferences and professional organizations, such as the American Association of Community Colleges Convention, Online Learning Consortium (OLC), American Educational Research Association (AERA), and Innovation Conference, among others. Attend webinars and workshops sponsored to discuss current topics and best practices for designing and developing online courses. Select the image above to read more.